Yes, Im A Mom

Well if you didnt know ladies and gentlemen yes i am a mother. I have one child. I was a teen mother. And although I have made many mistakes if I do say so myself Im pretty damn good.

So a little bit about my daughter. She is 11yr old and tall for her age. She is a dancer and is not scared to show. So shy is not a charcteristic that neither one of us hold. My daughter is a busy body likes to be on the go a lot and yes i must say she wears me out. I think its harder for me to keep up with her now then when she was a baby.

She is truly a blessing she has really showed me how to kick life into high gear. She has brought so much to my attention without any words at all. Sometimes its like hey this is life slow down smell the roses.  Other days we are like man there isnt enough hours in the day.

So how we try to incorporate luxury in our life is we set dates, time, and schedules.

A tradition we have is breakfast at a restaurant Saturday mornings. Now we do miss a Saturday here and there but for the most part we get it done. It is a over looked time that we didnt always utilize and you know i just thought one day i could spend this extra time with her. So we made it a luxury. We try new restaurants all the time. We also go back to old faithfulls. Sometimes we have a drink and a muffin some Saturday’s its steak and eggs.  Its a memory that me and my baby will cherish for years to come.

Memories are a luxury all in themselves they cant be stolen or sold you can hold them near and dear to your heart. They are your stories your life and you own them.


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