Lets Get This Money Together Baby!

Hey ladies and gentlemen, lets get this money together. If its $20, $200 or $2000 its all gotta be dealt with, right??? So with that being said I budget. I plan ahead. I think ahead. I set goals, large and small. And i accomplish them. I set dates with my daughter. I use apps for budgeting, i save, i spend and hey honey I LIVE LIFE.

Well you know what they say good things come to those who wait. Hold up no! Thats wrong good things dont come to those who wait baby GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO HUSTLE! If you didnt know well now you know so act like you know.

I work, i enjoy working, i like working. And a wise woman once told me you can sleep when you die. So that doesnt mean that you have to clock in from 9-5 but if thats you then thats you love it and own it. I dont mind clocking in and out. Once again that is a blessing and a huge LUXURY IN MY LIFE. That i am able body to work get out of the house impact somebody elses interact with others and make money while im doin it.

Hey some people are self employed. Some people have that side hustle. Some work two jobs and some work three. That to me is a luxury all within itself because the ball is in your court.

So money gives you freedom and freedom is a beautiful thing. It allows your mind to go other places it wouldnt normally go. And we really need to train our mind to do that on a regular basis because that is how you dream, that is how you plan, that is how you set goals.

So I save. And saving can be hard for a lot of people but really just a small savings can really make a difference in your life, and allow you to live life luxuriously.  So there was a point in time that i would save $50 out of every paycheck. At times i would save $100 every paycheck and sometimes i saved none. There are  times i call the bank more than once a day just to hear that automated voice speak music to my ears. And there were times ive called the bank to hear the automated service motivate me to keep going.

Planning and budgeting truly helps though. Time and schedules dont always allow me to get away on a week vacation. But i can always go out of town for the weekend or even just the day. Some think if you cant go for more than four days whats the point in going but hey, it gives you a break and it can be  spontaneous and fun. On a friday we might ride out of town go shopping dinner swim at hotel. Next day shop sight see try a new restaurant. It really can be just a few hours away it gives you a break its fun and its perfect for the little luxuries in life.

Last year we went to florida a week. We set a budget, we planned ahead and we had a good time. We did alot of beach bathing. We had alot of snacks cocktails and water. We did some site seeing and souvenir shopping.  The budget was $500 for each person. Three adults went and my daughter. We stayed in Destin. We took turns driving. And had a good time.

So if you can really just slow down get the money together pick up a side hustle set some goals and knoch em down lifes luxuries will fall in your lap!


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