Get To Know Me

Hey hey ladies and gentlemen welcome to my world and fell free to welcome me to yours. A little bit about me i am a single mother, and very proud. I have an 11yr old daughter. And i love living life.

So with the fact that i am a single mother i find that there are a lot of little things that allow me to live a luxurious life. Such as getting up early to have an extra cup of coffee to buying an expensive bag. Expressing myself with fashion makeup and my hair even give me the feeling of a luxurious life. I also like to read and relax. Just the opportunity to be able to have the time to read is in my life a huge luxury. Relaxing can be a luxury from going to the nail salon to pedicures at home and the extra five min in my day dedicated to personal time with just my daughter

I love to treat myself and treat others as well. I am always going the extra mile to include other people in my lifes luxuries. Somedays is cocktails after work and somedays its dinner at home.

Simplicity really goes a long way in my book when it comes to living a luxurious life and loving it. I budget, schedule, wake up early, run late forget, help, donate, laugh and cry. I love to eat and out and i love to cook. I love to get pampered but also can do it all myself.

All in all that is just a little bit about me who i am, what i like and how i allow life to go in a real luxurious way. I hope you enjoy all that is come and get to know me as well as i will enjoy getting to know you all.


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